New year

A new year is upon us, and except the new visual side on the blog, we will take a short look what happened during 2016. There has been announcements, there has been overseas transfers and there has been tight games, there has been a new Champions League winner, there has been Women’s Junior World Championships and there has been a European Championship tournament. Continue reading

New transfer news

Fresh from the press…Malin Wilén from HIFK is moving over sea.


Malin Wilén

Malin has signed with Kärra HF to play in the first division.

She will both study and play while in Sweden.This is not her first visit to Sweden as she played with IK Bolton between 2009-2011.

She has represented  the last seasons HIFK in the premier league in Finland, and has played on the right wing. Her strenght’s are fast feet and a hard shot. She has a strong will, and always strives for the best end result.

Sadly she has been suffering from injury in the near past but will be do her rehabilitation thoroughly so that she will be fit for fight in Sweden.

When FLH contacted Malin, asking her about her thoughts about the transfer, she replied that she is a bit nervous, but eager at the same time. Most of all she is thrilled and happy to get this possibility to play in Sweden. On a side note she is also a bit nervous on the matter to move alone, but Göteborg, her upcoming home city is a lovely city, and she believes she will enjoy here stay there, for as long as she will stay there.

FLH whishes good luck to Malin, and remember to enjoy!

Transfers high time 

Many club transfers happen during late spring and summer and FLH is making a list of known transfers regarding Finnish players. 

The first more talked about was Anna Lindholms return from Norway to Finland and Dicken. Only one season kept her away from the Finnish league. Her club abroad was Bækkelaget. Welcome back. 

Another more known player moving is HIFK’s Lotta Kulju who takes a new tour in Sweden as she has signed a contract with the character of 1+2. She has signed the contract with Elitserie club IF Hellton. She has previously represented Sävehof when she studied in Sweden. According to her new club she is going to be a crucial part of a several year project to lift their standing in the league. Good luck Lotta. 

Both Lotta and Anna are members of the Finnish national team. 

There was also transfer news out from Dicken, when Linnea Eklund announced that she will move over to Sweden and Alingsås for the season 16-17. 

At this point there hasn’t been announced about any other transfers, but FLH will keep our ears open and tell when we hear about them.